Landscape Photography

Landscapes are the making of most photographers. If you can capture a flat image of some part of the world around you which later stirs emotions in the people who see you image, then you are a photographer.

Landscape photography is a combination of lighting, subject, angle, focus and framing. These are the five factors which define your shot. In addition, speed and movement can play a role but the big five are what we will focus on today.

landscape photgraph torrington devon

I started with lighting because that is the essence of great landscape photography. So many landscapes look flat and washed out or dark and overexposed. Finding the balance is the holy grail of the photographer.

dartmoor landscape

Getting into position to include the tree (top left) which balanced the shot involved leaning across a barbed wire fence. Sometimes you have to suffer in the name of a good shot.

river and sheep in devon landscape

I had to wait 20 minutes for the sheep to turn around and show its face. When all that you can see is a sheeps bottom, the photo doesn't look half as good.

Of course the light conditions are dependent on time of day and weather conditions, so the photographer of landscapes has less control than other photographers and therefore needs more patience, fortitude, planning, ingenuity and plain dumb luck than everyone else. This is why great landscape photography is prized so highly.