Snow Photography

On the ski slope we often take shots that come out unexpectedly dull.

dull photo original snow scene


You can quickly boost such shots through the use of gradient layers.

Here's how

Firstly add a new layer in photoshop or paint shop pro and fill it with a gradient running from dark at the top to light at the bottom, like this.


Set the blend mode of this layer to 'overlay' and magically your photograph is improved beyond measure. The sky has been darkened, the snow lightened and the blues made stronger.

finished image

Of course the top of the sky is too dark and the bottom of the snow too light to look natural, but I like this effect.

For a more subtle and realistic effect simply make the gradient run from light grey to dark grey rather than black to white. In this shot the top of the image is too dark and the bottom does not have enough contrast so I simply flipped the gradient layer 180 degrees so it runs from light grey at the top to dark grey at the bottom.