Photography in bad weather


Photography need not , nor should it be, a sunshine only activity.

In different conditions, far more interesting oportunities may present themselves. However in many bad weather conditions there is little vibrancy in colours so I like to use bad weather as an excuse to play with black and white images.

fog with tree and walker

The above photo looks heavily 'worked on' in the digital darkroom, but is actually fairly free of tampering. On an exceptionally foggy day in Windsor Great Park a lone tree takes on a whole new level of interest.


The coming stormy weather adds drama to the sky, increasing the interest of this shot.

On an overcast day a churchyard can still deliver good shots. Just avoid including the sky which will simply appear as a white featureless expanse.

churchyard photo

This picture of a bracket fungus was taken on a miserable overcast day in January. However, the diffuse light was perfect for capturing this image.

bracket fungus photo taken on a cloudy day

Of course if it is truly horrible out, there is no shame in heading indoors.

stained glass church window goring oxfordshire uk

Alternatively, bad weather might be just perfect for your first foray into HDR photography